What are the types and functions of landmark signages

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Contemporary urban infrastructure is developing towards the perspective of international cities, and the identification of urban infrastructure is also developing at the same time. The creation of landmark signage is one of the development trends of modern urban civilization. The sign that we often say refers to the sign that is marked for visual experience. In the definition should be called flat-panel signage.

landmark signage is a material that combines overall planning, engineering architecture, interior space, sculpture, logic, color, art aesthetics and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a brand, but a work of art that integrates with the natural environment.

I. Types of landmark signage

1, horizontal: all the proportion of horizontal is longer. Generally the whole block is used as a landmark signage. It can also be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2, vertical: all the vertical proportion is longer. Generally the whole block is used as a landmark signage.

3. Protruding shape: It stands out on the wall of the building, except for the whole block outside the back or when there are two sides of the wall, both sides are used as landmark signage of advertising media.

4. Ground column: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional landmark signage that marks some fixed and immovable structures on the road surface

5, roof type: refers to the roof of a house building to set some fixed structures, and hanging or attached to the above the plate-shaped cube or magic landmark signage.

landmark signage https://www.zg-sign.com/Large-Landmark/