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"Welcome to the #beforetheydeleteus group! This is a community dedicated to preserving memories and traditions for future generations. We want to document what is normal today and ensure that these memories are never forgotten. Share your photos, videos, stories, and anything else that you feel is important, even if it's something small. Let's make sure that these memories are preserved for future generations to enjoy. Please use the hashtag #beforetheydeleteus in all of your posts."

Group Rules:

All posts must use the hashtag #beforetheydeleteus.
Be respectful of other members and their memories.
No hate speech or offensive content will be tolerated.
No spamming or self-promotion.
Any posts that violate these rules will be removed and the user may be removed from the group.


The #BeforeTheyDeleteUs campaign aims to raise awareness about the potential for certain memories, customs, and aspects of humanity to be erased in the future. The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to document and share these things on social media or even on paper, so that they can be preserved for future generations.